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The #1 thing you need before creating your website

The #1 thing you need before creating your website

By Amanda Creek | January 9, 2018

   Each morning, you desire to wake up and put on a pot of yummy coffee, then walk into your home studio with huge bay windows that fill the room up with the most glorious natural light, and you start painting or knitting or creating whatever it is that you love to create. Your fingers are itching […]

What do you need for your website redesign

What do you need for your website redesign?

By Amanda Creek | January 4, 2018

Designing or redesigning your website is a significant undertaking. It requires a lot of work not only from your designer but also from you. Not to mention, you may need to hire out for things like photography or copywriting before you even dive into your site redesign. The best way I know to help you […]

How to create a business website when you're on a budget

How to create a business website when you’re on a budget

By Amanda Creek | January 2, 2018

By now, you’re probably aware that it takes money to run a creative business, whether it’s a side-hustle or whether you want to make it your full-time thing. But without a website or customers to buy from you, you might not have a significant budget to get your site up and running. Or to make […]

New Year planning tools for creative businesses

New year planning tools for creative businesses

By Amanda Creek | December 30, 2017

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the new year ahead and reflecting on 2017. After having my best year in business, I’m jazzed for what’s to come. So I’m filling out workbooks, writing on post-it notes, and mapping out how to make 2018 an even better year than 2017. Through my planning and preparing, I’ve found […]

My big business goals for 2018

My big goals for 2018

By Amanda Creek | December 26, 2017

Lately, I’ve been writing a lot about finishing your projects, finding motivation, and breaking your goals down into actionable steps. It’s just my mind space right now, as I imagine it might be for you too. And with a new year coming right around the corner, I find myself reflecting on not just the past […]

Where to find motivation to complete your difficult to finish projects

By Amanda Creek | December 21, 2017

The universe has bestowed upon you the BEST idea ever. You’re sure of it. You’re excited to get started, and you know that this idea is going to propel your creative business forward. You take out your bullet journal, break the project down into small, actionable steps, and you get to work. At first, everything […]