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Don’t Wing It With Your Brand. Do This Instead.

By Amanda Creek | October 11, 2017

    My breath came out in short huffs after jumping around the room for fifteen minutes. It was early October of 2014, and I was checking my inbox when I noticed an email pop up from a CreativeLive production coordinator. The email said that I was selected to be one of the studio audience members […]

10 Tools and Resources for New Bloggers

By Amanda Creek | October 6, 2017

When starting your creative blog, it can be difficult to know exactly what you need and even where to start. You can rack up a pretty large bill, too, if you’re not careful. Sometimes it’s helpful for someone to simply let you know what you need. When I first started my business, I had a […]

5 Reasons your ideas will fail

By Amanda Creek | September 28, 2017

As an entrepreneur, you have a ton of ideas for your creative business. You’re an idea machine. So much so that your head might spin right off from the constant sparks that come your way. You even have a dozen ideas lined up for new products or courses that you’d like to add to your shop, […]

How to prep and plan for a new month in your business

By Amanda Creek | August 31, 2017

I hopped into the car and turned to my friend in the driver’s seat. “You know, you don’t need to drive me. My car’s just right over there.” My friend giggled and just stated, “I take care of my friends, ma’am.” I smiled back at her and went home thinking about how kind and funny […]

Don’t Let Your Doubts Control Your Credit Card – Why We Should Value Creating Impact With Our Business

By Amanda Creek | August 3, 2017

You’ve spent years working on your business, with the late nights and the looooong weekends. And you’ve taken the time to learn all the latest marketing trends so you can bring in lots of money, PLUS you’ve even set up a separate checking account (because somehow having a business checking account makes everything feel legit). […]

8 Reasons Your Brand Needs a Vision Board

By Amanda Creek | July 27, 2017

A Brand Vision Board is not just an excuse to get out the glue. Although we do love to pull out boxes of color pencils and paints and get out our glue guns! Vision boards in and of themselves are intended to help you visualize where you’re going, usually in your life or business, and […]