20 Must Have Photos For Your Creative Business

Looking at photos on Instagram can fill us all with photo envy.

But with a little bit of planning, we can photograph our own lovely things for Instagram, other social networks, as well as for our website. Taking your time and photographing all of these things in one afternoon will help you focus and get more accomplished.

Here are the 20 Must-Have Photos For Your Creative Business:


  1. A professional portrait-  I suggest hiring this part out to a professional photographer if at all possible. If you don’t have the time or the money, though, you can refer to this post for some tips on how to do it yourself.
  2. You working- This could be a photo of you sitting at your desk or a photo looking down on you doing your thing (whatever creative thing it is that you do). Using a tripod and a wireless remote control for your DSLR is extremely helpful in this situation. If you’re using your smartphone you can use the selfie stick and an app that allows your phone camera to take the photo after the 3-10 second timer goes off.
  3. With your biz buddies- Since most of us work in our own space and don’t see our biz buddies often, use conferences and network meetings to get as many of these photos as possible. You can screenshot any interviews or Skype dates you may have with your favorite biz buddies, as well. I love using these for my Instagram stories. Any photos that you’ve taken in the last 24 hours can become a story that you share!
  4. Getting ready shot- Use this as an opportunity to change out of those sweat pants, my friends! Not only is this motivation to get dressed up all cute (I know we all lack that motivation sometimes when working from home), but also it allows your ideal readers to connect with you through your personal style.
  5. With a client- This type of shot can be great to put on your Working With Me page on your website, or on landing pages where you are trying to sell your services. Always be sure to ask your client permission before posting!

Photo ideas for your creative business


Personality Photos:

  1. Hobbies- Think of hobbies and mutual passions that you may share with your target audience. You can photograph your hobbies by showing collections of the things used to do that particular hobby or by showing you actually doing the thing.
  2. Go-to accessories- Have fun gathering all your pretty things in one place. Photograph your favorite necklace, bracelet and earrings. Or if you have a favorite scarf, throw it on and photograph it from a new perspective.
  3. Your thinking spot- Where do you go when you doodle in your journal? Your ideal readers love to see these things!
  4. Favorite food- If you have a fun treat that you get from a local bakery, think about incorporating this food into a photo shoot. I love these beautiful macaroons from Blacksburg Belle’s recent photos on Instagram.
  5. Your style- Is there something unique about your style? If you have something fun that sets you apart from others and it tells a lot about who you are as a person, photograph it! Trust me, we want to see your fun fashion!
Photo ideas for your creative business

Work Shots:

  1. Tools you use on a daily basis- Lay all your tools out on a flat surface and photograph from above, or photograph collections of your favorite tools. Try to get creative here and take a lot of different photos. This type of photo is one that you will probably want to use often to share what it is you do.
  2. Before and after shot- If you are a painter, show how the canvas looks in the prep stage. If you are a writer, share with us your first draft scribbled in your notebook. Then take a photo of the finished product.
  3. Process photograph- Share the behind-the-scenes look at what you do each day at work. This could be a series of photos that you can make into a GIF loop (Tip: Get the Party Party app, by A Beautiful Mess, to create the GIF loop).
  4. Your workspace- Take some photos of your office. You don’t have to have a gorgeous space in order to take photos. People love to see where you create, clutter and all.
  5. Things you must have to get you through the work day- For me, this is typically a caffeinated beverage of sorts. What things help you through? Photograph them and share with the world.

Favorite Products:

  1. Business book of the month- Not only does this give you something to photograph each month, but it is helpful for your audience. Personally, I am always looking for something new to read.
  2. Must-have planner- People are always interested in how others organize their days. You can post a photo of your favorite planner, and then you can photograph the pages from time to time. If you doodle in your planner then definitely share those pages!
  3. Beauty products you adore- Another reason to get out of those sweatpants! Share your favorite color lipstick. Sometimes these types of photos will cause your readers to hop on Amazon and purchase their own. When your audience is buying the things you love, you’ve created a bond. And you’ve built trust.
  4. A photo of your digital downloads- I hardly ever see people photographing their actual products in use. Most of the time digital downloads are shown as a mockup, but it is nice to also see your products being used in real life.
  5. Your favorite coffee shop- This can be a great adventure to add some flavor to a dull day, and also a fun photograph to share with your followers (especially if your favorite coffee shop is quirky!).

Of course this list could be much longer, but try to treat this as a jump start and build upon your ideas as you go along.

Tip: Remember to think about your business and brand at all times when brainstorming and photographing these various scenarios. Ask yourself how you can incorporate your brand colors or a symbol or icon that you use to signify your brand.

You can even add text over the photos after you’ve taken them, remembering to use your branding throughout.

Tip: Think of this as a fun way to share who you are with your target audience. Creating the above photos can give your audience a peek into your personality, as well as start a conversation and build trust with your readers.

Plus, you can hardly call it working when it feels like a whole lot of fun, right?!

Looking for more help branding your photos for your website or Instagram? Check out my new classes on Skillshare!

20 Photo Ideas For Your Creative Business - So you can build a library of branded photos for your website or Instagram

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    • Amanda says

      Aw thanks, Nancy! Do you have any that you’d add to this list? I know you are a great stock photographer, so I’m sure you’d have a great list yourself!

    • Amanda says

      I totally understand! When you are trying to brand your photos, as well, it makes it difficult to come up with fresh ideas. So glad I was able to help with a few new ideas. :)

  1. iHanna says

    These are some awesome tips, I wish I had them all in a folder in my computer right now, wouldn’t that be neat. But at least I know what I will be “shooting for” next! Thanks.

    • Amanda says

      Awesome to hear! I’ve been building my library for a little while now. It’s nice to actually have an image to post when I need to, rather than scrambling to find something to post. Feel free to share what you are shooting next! :)

  2. iHanna says

    Hi Amanda, love this post and the one on how to use your camera, the how-to-take-pro-photos-for-your-biz-without-the-pro-photographer, but now it’s gone? I can’t find it again, help!


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