5 tips on what to add to your website’s Home Page

5 Tips on what to add to your website's Home Page - Video Post

Many of my consulting clients are unsure of what exactly to put on their Home Page. They know they should have an opt-in somewhere on the page, and they’re pretty sure that it’s a great idea to put their bio along with a photo on there too. But then they run out of ideas and look at me with pleading eyes, wondering what in the world is supposed to go on one of the most frequently visited pages of any website.

Today I’ve got five tips for what to put on your Home Page, along with a few examples. You can follow along with the video or catch the tips written out below.


Tip #1 – Make your Home Page like a visual representation of your menu bar

After you figure out what to put in your menu bar, you can think about how you can represent these same items as sections on your Home Page. As you scroll down the page, there should be some visual representation for each of the things listed in your menu bar. You can use photos and text to represent these sections, or you can use other graphics or even doodles if you’re great at illustrating ideas.

The examples used in the video are Amy Porterfield, Heather Crabtree, and one of my favorite clients, Drawn to Ecology.

Tip #2 – Use a featured section at the very top to explain what you offer and who you offer your product or service to online

In this section, you can use a photo that represents you (if you are your Brand), a picture of your product, or a photo portraying the feeling you want to offer. You’ll also want some copy that explains what you provide and who you provide that product or service for online. By showcasing who you are, who you serve, and what you offer, you are making it easy for the people who visit your site to determine if you’re the right fit for them. If it’s the right fit, your people will stick around and sign up for your email list or follow you on social media.

Tip #3 – Include a place for people to opt-in to your email list

Make sure that you’re considering your ideal customer or client. Think about where they’re at when they arrive on your website. What are they struggling with in their business or life? How can you help them where they’re at and also let them know more about your products and services.

Also be sure that your opt-in is above the fold of your website, to ensure that you get people on your email list as soon as possible.

Tip #4 – Have a section on your Home Page that links to your products or services

You can add a part with the best selling items from your shop or the shop favorites. Don’t skip this section because you feel like it might be too salesy. People want what you have to offer, but they won’t be able to buy from you if you don’t show them where to find it on your site!

Tip #5- Place your social media icons in the footer section

Many people automatically put their social media icons in their header section because they want to grow their social media channels, but the thing is that many people who end up on your blog/website are coming FROM a social media channel. You don’t want people to go to your site and immediately click away. You want them to stay and poke around for a bit. You at least want to give them enough time to see your opt-in offers and to see what your products and services are.

With these five tips, you can quickly create the content you need for your Home Page. Take some time out this week or this month to jot down your ideas and create a rough draft of your page. If you need more guidance, head on over to my Work With Me page and see how we can work together on your site!


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  1. Andrea says

    I’ve just got rid of the social media icons in my menu bar after Marie Forlio was talking about the same thing like you in her webinar. Totally true and I don’t know how I did not see that this leads people off my site. Sometimes these little things make such a big difference.
    This also reminded me that not all the features you get in WP themes are useful and good. Just because the features are there do not use them automatically. Research it first.
    For example I never understood those pie chart animations showing that “my http coding knowledge is 70%”. Doesn’t make any sense. What about the 30 other %? And what does 70% knowledge means? Lol.

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