7 Tips To Add Personality To Your Brand This Week

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Imagine living in a world where everyone lacked personality, where we all had robo-personalities that weren’t distinct enough to tell us all apart.

Well, grab a blanket and your favorite fuzzy socks and get ready to curl up for a nice nap, because that would be a major snooze fest!

Our unique personalities draw people to us and they’re how we make friends. (You know how it goes…You like polka dots?! I like polka dots too. Cool! Let’s be friends.)

In the online business world, our Brand Personality is THE thing that helps us to stand out.

Not only from our direct competitors but even from all the ad-speak that bombard everyone through the constant ads we see each and every day.

We want to stand out. We need to stand out or we’ll get lost in the shuffle and our business will stay stagnant.

Let’s take a look at how tapping into our Brand Personality helps us stand out and attract our right people. You know, the people that stay up late to click on your sales page as soon as it goes live. And the ones who have every single notification turned on, on every single one of their devices just to be the first to hear from you.

The people that only our unique personality draws in.

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Here are 7 different tips to applying your Brand Personality in your business this week:

Tip #1:

Up first is to come up with your brand words. These words are typically adjectives that describe the personality of your brand.

After you find your brand words, you can use them to create a cohesive Instagram aesthetic, for example. By focusing on your brand words, you are able to figure out what your Brand Personality is when it comes to your IG feed. You can add props into your photos based on those words, and eliminate props that don’t make sense to the vibe you’re going for.

If you are going for a fun vibe you can add props that are bright in color or you can use brightly colored backgrounds. Or if you’re going for a calm vibe, you can use backgrounds that use a soothing color like blue rather than an energetic color like bright red.

Tip #2:

Using the same brand colors across all of your social platforms will help to reinforce your visual brand and will also help you to come off as more professional.

It can even be as simple as making sure that your links on Twitter are set to one of the colors in your Brand palette. It’s a two-minute fix that can make a big difference! Then you’d want to look and see if your Facebook page uses that same color. If not, fix it!

I know it can be hard to find time to look through and make sure little things like this are done, but even setting aside one day a month as a “maintenance” day where you go through and make these small tweaks can make a HUGE difference.

Tip #3:

Are you using your symbols or imagery in various places throughout your business? I use the butterfly imagery in my logo, but I even use butterflies in my Instagram photos from time to time.


A photo posted by Amanda Creek (@amanda_creek) on

I also like to use my symbols and imagery in my freebies and Content Upgrades as little doodles or images throughout the books that I create.

Adding a little touch here and there can breath life to what could be an otherwise dull design.

Go through and see where you could possibly add a symbol or image to enhance a design this week.

Tip #4:

Take one day this week and look at the fonts you’re using on your website and across your social media platforms.

Are you using the same fonts everywhere?

Are you using bold or italics?

What about headings (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6)?

Finding a combination of two fonts will give you more versatility, as well as add visual interest. Bolding specific words can break up text, and adding italics can add emphasis.

Headings can draw attention to specific sections of text, and help a ton with SEO.

Take a look at one blog post this week and decide on how you can break up the text using either bold fonts, heading fonts, or font combinations.

Tip #5:

Adding patterns and texture can add personality and depth to your Brand.

You can add these elements as dividers or borders to your images, or you can use them in your photographs as backgrounds.

Choose one way to sneak in a pattern or texture this week!

Tip #6:

Did you know that planning out a party for your Brand could be really telling of the type of Personality your Brand would have?

Think about the party favors you’d give to your guests (i.e. your clients or customers). What about the types of food?

Ideally you’d plan the party around what you like, as well as what your customer likes. You’d make it fun for everyone involved.

Take 30 minutes this week and create a board on Pinterest with pins of the party decorations and the party theme. Then look at the board as a whole and see if it sparks any ideas to include in your Branding.

Tip #7:

Bringing all the different elements together is really the hardest part of adding Personality to your Brand. That’s why it’s important to set aside time to edit!

Eliminating one or two elements can go a long way toward making your Brand Personality feel more professional. You don’t want to overwhelm your target audience by being the most flamboyant, flashy person in the room screaming for attention.

Take about 15 minutes and go through all of the tasks that you’ve done this week, looking with a critical eye and eliminating what doesn’t make sense.

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