hi, i'm amanda

I help creative women—like you—live joy-filled lives by doing the work they LOVE. 

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Most days you'll find me helping creative ladies:

  • Who want to build creative businesses but who feel waist deep in all the to-do's and how-to's, while they see the success of others who seem to be sitting back sipping their coconut mojitos (making it all look like a breeze).
  • They want to keep going because they know it’s possible, but they don’t know where to start or what things should top their priority list.
  • They have a difficult time feeling genuine or exciting enough to have a “brand personality," let alone knowing how to let that personality out.
  • Yet they try to create their online home themselves but later they get heart palpitations because they need to figure out a hosting company, set up a WordPress website, and then make it beautiful.
  • And their palms go all sweaty, and it makes them wanna scream or throw their computers because it’s overwhelming and they feel all alone. And things just don’t work like they want them to.

But after working together, these same women:

  • Embrace their online business, with a sense of legitimacy - and dollar bills.
  • Share their powerful and consistent brand that we've created together without hesitating.
  • Let their true personality out, in a way that feels good and true.
  • Enjoy the adventure and freedom of building their own life & livelihood to suit their passions and their REAL life without faking it for likes and shares.
  • AND they aren’t afraid anymore! These creative and brilliant business owners know they can conquer the things they thought were overwhelming before...and they know who to call for help if they still can’t do it alone.

You can feel this way too.

You don't have to feel like you’re all alone, and overwhelmed and like the internet is just too darn big and scary for you to tackle it.

You're not alone.

I’m here to take you by the hand and walk with you through this adventure toward the success & life you want.

I help women in business...

To find success by creating visual elements and websites that communicate the magic of their brand personalities online.

I do what I do because every person deserves to have a life that’s joyful.

My own greatest joy comes from traveling and photographing nature - capturing pictures of little woodland creatures and their homes.

Show me a fox in the woods and put a camera in my hand, and you will see real joy my friend.

The first time I created something that gave me that feeling of creative joy, I was in first grade.

I wrote a book about a fat cat and drew illustrations for it. I was six and hadn’t discovered the most complex storytelling or graphic design yet.

But I was so proud of that fat cat, and I even won an award for it too.

Art, photography and other creative skills have continued to give me joy over the years. One of my favorite classes in university was using sound to tell a story, of all things. I loved being able to use different mediums to communicate, and I still do.

I realized the power of visual communication when I taught art to children aged 4 to 12.  

I used a projector to show my students my own hand as I drew images of colorful, flying birds and had them follow along with me on their own paper.

It amazed me how they each created the same thing - but in different ways. Even their lines were original! Some had straight lines; some had wavy ones; some were thick, and some were light. Their personalities showed up with every stroke.

That’s when I realized that visuals allow you to communicate your personality to others, even down to the smallest detail.

Probably, the only thing I’ve done more than create art is learn stuff about creating art. It’s getting out of hand, honestly. Three University degrees in nine years? Madness...but also joy.

I can help my clients to understand the world of online marketing and business, without them having to learn all the things on their own.

Then they can spend more time finding their joy, because that’s what creating your own business allows you to do.

That’s the joyful adventure of being in business for yourself. It’s how we can find the freedom to make the life we dream of, but it’s also how we find the scary things - like the fluttering of your heart when you’re staring down from a precipice.

It’s scary, but it’s also exciting - especially when you have a friend there with you, holding your hand.


Fun Facts

I live in Pennsylvania with my hubby and two puppies, but am obsessed with traveling to new and exciting places. I got my start in business with photography and found my love of design along the way. I am enthusiastic about making a difference in our world and am a huge lover of this thing called life! Here's 20 Things You May Not Know About Me, a Behind the Scenes Look At My Business, or a short "About Me" video if you are a visual person like me:

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