Becoming a Website Wiz: A Case Study

Becoming a Website Wiz: A Case Study with Einfach Amarie

Due to an overabundance of custom web design projects (of which I’ve been very grateful for), I decided to start working with clients through consulting in the fall of last year to help free up some of my time. Up until that point, I’d worked with many clients through one-hour consulting sessions but these types of packages were a completely new thing for me. And I only had a handful of consulting clients working with me at that time.

Since then, I’ve learned that I absolutely LOVE working with clients in this way. Nothing makes me over-the-moon happier than to hear my favorite clients excited that they learned a new thing and that now they have complete control over their site.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to one of them. She’s one of my very favorite consulting clients, Eva of Einfach Amarie.

Eva came to me in the fall of 2017, looking to move her site from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress website. She knew that Blogger wasn’t giving her the control that she needed, and Eva wanted to make sure that her site looked exactly how she wanted, so she signed up for my Website Wiz Kickstart package.

Eva and I worked together over the next couple of months, and we switched her site over from Blogger to WordPress and she learned quite a bit in the process.

When I asked Eva what her original goals for her website were, she responded with the following:

“My website is a blog about my hobby, and the goal was to be visible online (through search engines) and maybe also to become a partner with some corporations for supplies, etc. When contacting Amanda, I first thought of letting her set up and move my blog, as it seemed that I wouldn’t be capable of creating the layout that I wanted to have. Then she introduced this consulting option to me, and it sounded like the perfect combination: creating the layout I wanted to have and at the same time learning how it works.”

Eva and I met together almost every other week in the fall so that she could complete the work on her site.

I would show her how to do specific things on WordPress by using my favorite plugins and tools that I use with all my custom web design clients. We worked around her schedule, as Eva holds a full-time job.

After wrapping up her site, I asked Eva what her favorite aspect of the consulting was and she told me that she enjoyed learning a little bit of HTML and CSS to make her site look the way she wanted it to look.

Eva said, “It was wonderful that Amanda was and still is open to all my questions and answered them… She was very patient with all of my questions (no matter how many or how stupid they were) and had an answer to every one of them.”

[clickToTweet tweet=”‘Amanda was very patient with all of my questions and had an answer to every one of them.'” quote=”‘Amanda was very patient with all of my questions and had an answer to every one of them.'”]

In the end, Eva was left with a website that she loves and that she’s able to work on without having to hire out for every little thing. If you’re interested in what her site is about, you can check it out here. Eva describes her site as “a creative blog mostly about what I do in scrapbooking, art journaling, mixed media, and paper crafting.”

I enjoy following Eva on Instagram, where she shares all her latest projects.

We have another consultation set up in February where we will go over a few final things and I’m super excited to catch up with her!

If you’re wanting to move from Blogger to WordPress, or you’d like to create a self-hosted WordPress website and become a Website Wiz, head on over to my Work With Me page and check out my consulting packages there.

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  1. einfach amarie says

    Still can’t say how happy and thankful I am working with you. Though I knew that there will be a post coming about our sessions…due to the fact that you asked me :-)…it’s really a bit weird finding my blog featured here. And it also makes me happy. Thank you for the wonderful words!

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