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8 Things You Need For An Effective Website Before Launching

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8 Things You Need For An Effective Website Before Launching - Website Content

Websites are a huge undertaking. If you’ve never put together a website before, you might be wondering what do I even need to put this thing together? In this post, I’m going to share with you the things that you need in order to create an effective website right off the bat. These are things […]

How to edit videos for your creative business using Screenflow

By Amanda Creek | 3
Edit videos for business

Videos are a great way to get people back to your website and also get them engaged with your Brand. By using video, you can break down the anonymity of the Internet that makes it hard and sometimes scary for people to make purchases online. It also allows your followers to see the real you, really […]

SEO Tips for WordPress | 10 Tips to improve the SEO on your website and get more traffic in 2018

By Amanda Creek | 2
10 SEO Tips for your WordPress Website in 2018

We all want more eyeballs on our websites. More eyeballs mean another chance to sell the latest thing we recently added to our online shop, and more sales mean that we can pay the mortgage.  Today’s post includes 10 SEO tips for WordPress that you can use to improve your site SEO and ultimately get more […]

Why you should have a website as an online business owner

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If you’ve set up shop on Etsy or Society6, you might wonder if you should have a website too, especially if you’re new to online business. In today’s video, I run through several reasons why I believe having a website will help you to sell your products and services online. You can check that video […]

5 tips on what to add to your website’s Home Page

By Amanda Creek | 4
5 Tips on what to add to your website's Home Page - Video Post

Many of my consulting clients are unsure of what exactly to put on their Home Page. They know they should have an opt-in somewhere on the page, and they’re pretty sure that it’s a great idea to put their bio along with a photo on there too. But then they run out of ideas and […]

How to create a quick 404 Error page in WordPress

By Amanda Creek | 2
How to create a quick 404 error page in WordPress

It can be super frustrating to click on a blog post that you found on Pinterest, and you come to see that the post is no longer available. The error page that you pull up doesn’t offer any help either. It just displays an error message without any assistance on where to go or what to […]