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Where to find motivation to complete your difficult to finish projects

By Amanda Creek | December 21, 2017

The universe has bestowed upon you the BEST idea ever. You’re sure of it. You’re excited to get started, and you know that this idea is going to propel your creative business forward. You take out your bullet journal, break the project down into small, actionable steps, and you get to work. At first, everything […]

How to embrace your website Brand Style

How to embrace your website Brand style

By Amanda Creek | December 19, 2017

My style as a teenager was very eclectic. You may have described me as a hippie/ vagabond dreamer, who wore wanderlust on her sleeve. Or an eccentric artist who embraced her weird and didn’t care what others thought. I remember my brother asking me, “so, what are you? I mean, are you a skater-gothic chic […]

Ten ways to promote your website launch

By Amanda Creek | December 15, 2017

After weeks or months of pouring yourself into the creation of your website, you’re finally ready for launch day. You have a coming-soon page hiding all the work you’ve just finished, and you’re seconds away from hitting the button to take that page down. Your finger nervously hovers over the mouse, you breathe in deeply, […]

How to break your goals down into actionable steps

By Amanda Creek | December 13, 2017

The new year is just around the corner, and you’re revving up to have a fantastic year. You’ve got your teal Inkwell planner and your Prismacolor markers ready to go. You look at the yearly spread inside of your planner and try to figure out how in the world you’re going to reach all of […]

A Guide To Choosing Your Next Idea And Sticking To It

A guide to choosing your next idea & sticking to it

By Amanda Creek | December 7, 2017

You have a zillion golden ideas. Ideas for DAYS! You’ve written them down in your bullet journal and even jotted them on the backs of napkins from your favorite cafe. Heck, you might even have an idea jar where you store your ideas up for rainy days. Coming up with the ideas, now that always […]

Do you know what your customer really needs? Here’s one easy method to find out today.

By Amanda Creek | November 30, 2017

Sometimes my mini dachshund, Josie, sits next to me and stares. Minutes will go by, and she’ll continue to point her sweet little eyes in my general direction. I’ll ask her, “What do you want, Jo-Jo?” She, of course, never answers. She just sits and looks at me. She usually wants a bite of my food, or […]