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A guide to choosing your next idea & sticking to it

By Amanda Creek | 7
A Guide To Choosing Your Next Idea And Sticking To It

You have a zillion golden ideas. Ideas for DAYS! You’ve written them down in your bullet journal and even jotted them on the backs of napkins from your favorite cafe. Heck, you might even have an idea jar where you store your ideas up for rainy days. Coming up with the ideas, now that always […]

Do you know what your customer really needs? Here’s one easy method to find out today.

By Amanda Creek | 3

Sometimes my mini dachshund, Josie, sits next to me and stares. Minutes will go by, and she’ll continue to point her sweet little eyes in my general direction. I’ll ask her, “What do you want, Jo-Jo?” She, of course, never answers. She just sits and looks at me. She usually wants a bite of my food, or […]

A Sneak Peek at Glam Your Brand + a Giveaway!

By Amanda Creek | 4

A few years ago, I attended a CreativeLive course in San Francisco to create digital products in my sleep. I’d traded my time for money for waaaaaay too long, and it seemed like a good time to create something fun and affordable for my audience. So I cooked up my signature course Glam Your Brand. I had so […]

Don’t Wing It With Your Brand. Do This Instead.

By Amanda Creek | 12

    My breath came out in short huffs after jumping around the room for fifteen minutes. It was early October of 2014, and I was checking my inbox when I noticed an email pop up from a CreativeLive production coordinator. The email said that I was selected to be one of the studio audience members […]

10 Tools and Resources for New Bloggers

By Amanda Creek | 0

When starting your creative blog, it can be difficult to know exactly what you need and even where to start. You can rack up a pretty large bill, too, if you’re not careful. Sometimes it’s helpful for someone to simply let you know what you need. When I first started my business, I had a […]

5 Reasons your ideas will fail

By Amanda Creek | 4

As an entrepreneur, you have a ton of ideas for your creative business. You’re an idea machine. So much so that your head might spin right off from the constant sparks that come your way. You even have a dozen ideas lined up for new products or courses that you’d like to add to your shop, […]