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5 Tips on what to add to your website's Home Page - Video Post

5 tips on what to add to your website’s Home Page

Many of my consulting clients are unsure of what exactly to put on their Home Page. They know they should have an opt-in somewhere on the page, and they're pretty sure that it's a great idea to put their bio along with a photo on there too. But then they run out of ideas and look at me with pleading eyes, wondering what in the world is supposed to go on one of the most frequently visited pages of any ...
How to create a quick 404 error page in WordPress

How to create a quick 404 Error page in WordPress

It can be super frustrating to click on a blog post that you found on Pinterest, and you come to see that the post is no longer available. The error page that you pull up doesn't offer any help either. It just displays an error message without any assistance on where to go or what to do next. The 404 Error Page is one place that I feel many online business owners are losing people when instead they can be strategically ...
The Ultimate Guide To Tidying Up and Simplifying Your Website - Simplify and tidy up your website today | Creative Entrepreneur, Artist, Creator, Freelancer |

The Ultimate Guide to tidying up and simplifying your website

There can always be another tweak to your website copy, photos can and should be updated every couple of years, and you should always seek to make your website easier to navigate to eliminate any confusion. Personally, I love to do an audit and simplify my website at least once a year. And I recommend doing a website audit of your own website a couple of times a year too, by looking over your website from top to bottom and ...
Becoming a Website Wiz: A Case Study with Einfach Amarie

Becoming a Website Wiz: A Case Study

Due to an overabundance of custom web design projects (of which I've been very grateful for), I decided to start working with clients through consulting in the fall of last year to help free up some of my time. Up until that point, I'd worked with many clients through one-hour consulting sessions but these types of packages were a completely new thing for me. And I only had a handful of consulting clients working with me at that time. Since then, I've ...
Not sure when to charge for content and when to make it free? In this post, you'll learn how to use free content to prime people to buy and what content works better as paid content. | Creative Entrepreneur, Full-Time Entrepreneur, Artist, Creator |

Free vs. Paid Content: How to know when to charge

During a recent brainstorming session, you jotted down several great ideas in your bullet journal on how to help your audience. The only problem is that you’re not so sure of what content should be considered free and what should be paid. You have a ton of ideas, but you’re not sure of what to do with them. You’ve grown accustomed to putting free content out into the world so now it’s a little nerve-wracking to ask people to pay for ...
If you're asking yourself the question, "what do I need to create a website", then check out this post - the number one thing you need before creating your website.

The #1 thing you need before creating your website

Each morning, you desire to wake up and put on a pot of yummy coffee, then walk into your home studio with huge bay windows that fill the room up with the most glorious natural light, and you start painting or knitting or creating whatever it is that you love to create. Your fingers are itching to get messy with paint or to feel the yarn of your most recent creation wrapping around and around your knitting needles. THIS is the vision of ...
What do you need for your website redesign

What do you need for your website redesign?

Designing or redesigning your website is a significant undertaking. Click to Tweet -"Redesigning your website is a HUGE undertaking-here are 16 things you need before you get started."  It requires a lot of work not only from your designer but also from you. Not to mention, you may need to hire out for things like photography or copywriting before you even dive into your site redesign. The best way I know to help you prepare for your design project is ...
How to create a business website when you're on a budget

How to create a business website when you’re on a budget

By now, you’re probably aware that it takes money to run a creative business, whether it’s a side-hustle or whether you want to make it your full-time thing. But without a website or customers to buy from you, you might not have a significant budget to get your site up and running. Or to make it look the way that you want it to, at least not yet. And web design isn’t a skill that everyone has, so you might ...
New Year planning tools for creative businesses

New year planning tools for creative businesses

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the new year ahead and reflecting on 2017. After having my best year in business, I’m jazzed for what’s to come. So I’m filling out workbooks, writing on post-it notes, and mapping out how to make 2018 an even better year than 2017. Through my planning and preparing, I’ve found a few great tools that I wanted to pass along to you. I hope that the things on this list will help you to plan ...
My big business goals for 2018

My big goals for 2018

Lately, I’ve been writing a lot about finishing your projects, finding motivation, and breaking your goals down into actionable steps. It’s just my mind space right now, as I imagine it might be for you too. And with a new year coming right around the corner, I find myself reflecting on not just the past year, but on the past six years that I’ve been in business. I’m thinking about the goals that I’ve carried over, year after year, on ...