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If you want to have a party on the Internet, who are you going to get to Host it?

By Amanda Creek | October 25, 2016

In this video, I’ll share my two favorite Hosts for your WordPress website. And you thought you were done with the decision making. Not yet! You’ve got to choose a hosting company. But what does hosting even do? A hosting company takes all of the things that make up your site: The WordPress files (which […]

Why WordPress is my #1 recommendation to anyone who’s setting up a website for their business

By Amanda Creek | October 11, 2016

You decided to start a business! Congratulations; it’s celebration time! But before the last piece of confetti hits the floor and the last of your celebration cups gets put away, it hits you. As the cabinet door shuts, your party-vibes go, “Thud,” right along with the cupboard door. You need a website…and you don’t know […]

Your branding shouldn’t stop at the colors you choose.

By Amanda Creek | July 29, 2016

It shouldn’t stop at your business cards or even your logo. It’s much more powerful than that, and it can be much more fun too! If you are new to business, you’ve probably heard the word, “Brand” a LOT, but you’re probably asking yourself “What is a brand? What does that even mean, really?” Brand, […]

Is your Logo Inspiration Pinterest Board Giving you Nightmares?

By Amanda Creek | May 20, 2016

  We can go haywire when we start the process of dreaming up a new logo, and it can get overwhelming. In this post, we’ll look at the 3 components of a logo & I’ll give you some tools that’ll help you feel courageous again. Do you remember the good ole days when opening up Pinterest […]

Make your logo work with you – not against you.

By Amanda Creek | April 22, 2016

Make your logo work with you – not against you. Three things I learned about logo design when I realized that I hated mine. When I got home from the local print shop with that white cardboard box, I opened it up slowly. Neatly lined-up inside were one thousand shiny, new business cards – adorned with […]

Is your business ready to put its best face forward?

By Amanda Creek | April 9, 2016

Is your business ready to put its best face forward? Or is your first impression a forgettable one? I see that light-bulb over your head, and I know what it means. You have a business idea! Not a hair-brained one that will cause your folks anxiety because you may be shortly packing your bags to move […]