How To Come Up With Your Brand Colors – Video Post

Think of a Brand you love – like really REALLY love – and remember what it felt like to you the last time you opened up their website.

When I open up the Teavana site to order some yummy loose-leaf tea, I feel happy little butterflies in my belly.

Part of that feeling undoubtedly came from how you feel about their overall brand message, and part of it came from the anticipation of perhaps buying a new wonderful thing you love.

But did you know that a lot of the feeling came from the colors on the page?

In fact, effective use of Brand colors can increase Brand recognition by 80%.

So the colors you choose are undoubtedly important…how do you decide which ones to use then? And how do you build a brand palette from them?

I created a video for you today that will take you through using 3 different tech-tools that will help you to do just that.

  • ColourLovers
  • Adobe Kuler (or you can use Adobe Capture if you’re using your phone)
  • Pinterest

They are great tools and can help you to find brand colors that will give your customers the right kind of feeling when they show up on your site.

If you want more information about how to decide what feeling that should be – or how to find inspiration to show it in lots of visual ways, check out my Brand Personality Workbook.

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  1. Rebecca Nash-Emerson says

    So…ummm…after you’ve used these tools and ended up with like 10 different palettes that work for your words, your brand and your ideal client….how do you decide?
    Playing with colours is just way too fun!

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