Episode #001: Welcome to the Creative Passivepreneur Show

Welcome to the Creative Passivepreneur Show! This short episode will share with you a little bit about me, your host, as well as what to expect with the show. I hope that you enjoy listening!


Hello, and welcome to The Creative Passivepreneur Show. I’m Amanda and I’ve been a creative business owner for the past 10 years. I’ve worked as a photographer, a web designer, and now I actually work as a business coach for a lovely creative women who do lots of different things. I am here to help and serve you!

It’s my absolute joy to help you clarify your product streams, create passive income, and overall just to make this business journey much easier and a lot more fun. Because I really believe that business it should be a joyful experience, not one that makes you want to go back to a day job. So, that is why I’m here.

Welcome to the Creative Passivepreneur Show

I’m a creative with a background in Studio Art, Design and Internet Marketing. I’ve had my business for the past 10 years now, as I said, which means that I’ve been around the block a time or two.

In this podcast, I’m going to share my mistakes so that you can avoid those. And I’m going to also share my wins so that you can replicate them.

And I want to say, you know, I don’t really like talking about myself just like most creative people, but I have had the opportunity to do things like teach on Skillshare*, which is one of my absolute passions. And you will hear about it quite a bit on this podcast. I have been a teacher there for the past year and a half. I have over 4000 students to date, and a lot of people really enjoy my teaching. I’ve sold multiple programs that have existed on my own site over the years and I am addicted to making sales through passive income.

Most of the clients and students that I work with they’re artists, creators and freelancers in creative fields. I’ve worked with creatives so much over the years and I’m a creative at heart too. So I understand what it looks like to be a creative and how that really plays out in your business.

My goal here is to help you to build a business that you love, first and foremost, a business that lights you up. That gets you out of bed in the morning, whether that means that you put on pants, that is a totally up to you. I will let you know that I am anti-pants myself. I much prefer leggings.

So, over this first season of the podcast, you will hear a lot about passive income and digital products. I’m going to break down what that means for you to have a business that makes revenue from passive income, whether it’s only 5% of your revenue. Or 100%. And that’s because I believe that using passive income and digital products is going to free up some of your time to do what you really love to do, which is to create.

I’m also going to help you during this season with those niggling things that you have to do on a daily basis where they feel kind of hard for you to navigate. Things like keeping focused, managing your time, learning how to be a better CEO, and boss of yourself. Those are things that I know I struggled with when I first started out in business. And also dun dun dun, I’m going to help you with marketing, which is one of my favorite things to talk about, but maybe one of your least favorite things to do. So, I’m going to try to help you to flip that on its head where you love to market your things that you create where you love to share what you create with the world, because that’s what we’re here to do, right?

So, overall, I want you to know that we are in this together. I’m here to serve you through this content that I create here on the podcast, and I can’t wait to see how this journey goes for you. If you’re ready, hop on into the first episode. And if you ever need anything, be sure to reach out to me.

Instagram: @amanda_creek

So without further ado, welcome to The Creative Passivepreneur Show.

*AFFILIATE LINKS DISCLAIMER - If you click on a link that I’ve provided on www.amandacreekcreative.com, it may be an affiliate link. That means that I will be paid a percentage of money for the program, product, software, or service of the link you click on (if you click my link). Affiliate links will always be indicated by either a * or with the word affiliate next to the link). I want to be upfront about these links and to let you know that I only promote things that I truly believe in.

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