Glam It Up: How To Make Your ‘About Me’ Page More Interesting

Is your ‘About Page’ lame or lackluster? Does it need a little sprucing up?

Friend, I’ve been there.

For the longest time, my ‘About Page’ was written in a yucky third-person voice that lacked any sort of creativity.

I couldn’t figure out what in the world to do with the page, because I didn’t want it to be impersonal and robotic. At the same time, I feared being way too rambly and carrying on about things that my readers wouldn’t REALLY need to know. Like the fact that Butternut Squash is my favorite kind of soup (I mean…who really needs to know that?).

So, I got stuck and my ‘About Page’ really suffered.

But there’s no reason for you to get stuck, as well.

I’ve learned A LOT along the way and I’m here to help you avoid the same fate. So here are 5 tips on how to glam up your ‘About Page’ to make it more fun and interesting to your readers.

1. Add a video.

Adding a video to your about page will make the page come to life.

When people stumble upon your page they are prone to scan the text quickly. Listen, it’s just the product of information overload.

But it may be that your About Video will catch their attention.

Your readers may scroll through and watch the video first, then scroll back up to the top and read what you have to say.

Your video may be the thing that causes them to want to know more. Also, everyone learns differently.

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And sometimes people need to see the real you. Where words fail to show that…video will pick up the pieces.

I made my video using the professional Animoto software (which I happen to LOVE and was even featured in an article for the video posted below). Want a video editing program with a little more bells and whistles, check out Screenflow.

About Amanda Creek Creative

The video was easy to make and put together with Animoto. It only took a couple of hours, mostly because it was originally a 10 min video for school that I shortened down into what you see here.

The bottom line is that it is relatively easy to add videos to your ‘About Page’ to give it that extra oomph. Start small and build your way up to something better.

2. Don’t only add a standard headshot. Add in photos of you doing the things you love.

Again, you’re looking to catch the attention of your reader really quickly. It literally takes a person 8 seconds to determine if they are going to exit your site or stay to find out more.

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And this is your opportunity to show some things about yourself that people might get bored reading. (I’m saying that you can totally put in a photo of your butternut squash soup. Or your favorite blogging drink. Chai tea, anyone?)


A photo taken by my husband to show the fun side of my personality, as well as my love of photography.

Think about what you want to showcase and raid your picture archives! Look for photos with great light, color, and quality.

3. Less is more.

You may have a lot of things you want to share with your potential readers, but you definitely don’t want to overwhelm them.

Remember Six from Blossom? She gushed out a gazillion words a minute. And sometimes her listeners had trouble keeping up.

You don’t want to leave your readers in a whirlwind wondering what just happened.

You may want to pour 10,000 words about yourself onto the page, but your reader may not be ready to read it all.

So, instead of listing out a whole bunch of random facts, why not write it up in a blog post and just add the link to that post on your about page. This will make it easier for those who are just wanting to get the nitty gritty to skip the extra fluff.

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It also provides a way for those who want to know more, a chance to read more. It’s a win-win if you ask me.

Here are some posts that you may want to link to on your About Page: Random facts, why you started your business, your background and how you got to where you are, your favorite things, what you do to stay creative, book reviews, etc.

Your ideal client will definitely enjoy these posts, so please include them…just try not to make your ‘About Page’ a mile long.

4. Start with them.

You mean you want me to talk about them rather than myself? Yep!

Start off by identifying who they are and how you can help them.

Your ideal clients are interested in knowing who you are, yet they are more importantly wondering what it is you can do for them.

Click to Tweet – “Your ideal clients’ first concern is what it is you can do for them.”

Starting off with what problem you can solve will let them know from the beginning that you’ve got their back. It’s a great way to build trust with your readers. They can know for sure whether or not they’ve stopped in at the right place.

I personally used a bullet point list to identify the problems of my ideal clients to make it quick and easy to read.

5. Let them know what to do next!

Your About Page is typically the first page people visit after they’ve landed on your site (whether they land on your Home Page or any other page).

And your job is now to keep your reader on your site.

Click to Tweet – “When your About Page is short without links or buttons to where they should go next, you’re missing an opportunity.”

Don’t leave your readers hanging. Guide them along the path of what to do next. You could have some links to your most popular posts, a link to your Work With Me Page, or an opt-in box for them to hop on your email list.

Think about what you’d like them to do next and add it at the bottom of the page!

I hope these 5 tips have been super helpful in getting your About Page into shape.

What do you do on your about page to make it more interesting or stand out from the pack? Let me know in the comments below! 

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  1. Mad Panda says

    I have read many articles on how to create an impactful ‘About me’ page. I definitely think this one takes the cake as my favorite! The “Less is more” tip is awesome, and I’m going to probably incorporate it in my “10 things about me” Blogging Challenge post–and link that post in my “About Me” page. GENIUS! =D

    –Mad Panda

  2. Jacqueline says

    First of all– I have to say– the “sharing is caring” thing is ADORABLE and genius!

    Second of all I LOVED this!!! What a simple, valuable set of tools to spruce up an about me. Thank you for sharing!!

    • Amanda says

      Oh my goodness I love the sharing is caring plugin- it’s called Shareaholic, so if you have a WordPress website you should be able to add it to it. (You can stylize it within the plugin section!)

  3. Aradia Goseling says

    This was the perfect post to read for me. I’m really feeling the oomph to work on my about page now! For ages I’ve honestly kind of hated it. It’s a lot of story and less why and now it’s time to flip it! I love the idea of creating blog content to cover the “extra” so the page isn’t bogged down with stuff!

  4. Pattymac says

    I love the new video Amanda!! I have to get busy on that for myself in the new year. I feel so weird about including that much about myself, but when I see other people do it, I always like it. Time to get over myself!


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