How To Schedule Instagram Posts In Planoly


If you read my recent post about creating an Instagram theme, you might want to send those new photos out into the world now that you’ve settled on a checkerboard type pattern. But you might find that at the end of every day you still haven’t posted anything.

Time just seems to slip away throughout your busy day and before you know it the sun has dipped down past the horizon. Yet another day that you haven’t shared anything and the guilt of not posting is starting to make your head hurt.

What you need is a scheduler for Instagram!


There are many schedulers to choose from but my favorite is Planoly.

I love scheduling out my Instagram posts through Planoly because there’s also an option to schedule my Instagram stories too. It wasn’t an option on other Instagram schedulers when I signed up for Planoly so that’s who I’ve been with for a few years now.

When I am planning out my content for Instagram, I first take a bunch of photos to build up a library that I can pull from. I add 30 of those photos for free to my Planoly account every month.


(If you’re struggling taking photos, you can take my Skillshare class called Glam Your Brandhere. You get 2 months of Skillshare for free when you sign up using my link, and I get a small referral fee in return.)

Then I take an hour or two of my time to sit down and write my Instagram captions. I write my captions in a Google Doc and try to write at least 20 captions in all. I like to use the Instagram caption guides created by my lovely client and friend, Elley Mae. These guides serve as an awesome source of inspiration for those times where I’m left thinking what in the world do I write?


After I’ve done both of these things, I’m able to plan and schedule my actual posts.

So how do you actually go about scheduling a post? Well, you upload your photo into Planoly using the Add Media button and you just add your caption. Then you choose which date and time you’d like it to go out.

I have a more in-depth video that you can watch below that shows you how you can also send the photo to Instagram via your mobile phone to post.

You can also schedule out Instagram Stories using Planoly, which is why I went with this software when I was searching for a solution. In the video below, you’ll learn how to schedule out your stories ahead of time so you never miss a day!

It’s actually really easy to schedule out your posts and get ahead on what content you’ll have going out on Instagram. And it will save you a lot of time in the long run.

If you’re still struggling to wrap your head around what photos to post and how to post them, don’t forget to check out my class Glam Your Instagram on Skillshare!

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How to schedule Instagram posts using Planoly | Amanda Creek Creative How to schedule Instagram posts using Planoly | Amanda Creek Creative

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  1. Elley Mae says

    Great blog post Amanda! I’ve been using Later for a while now (which you know!) but I am totally thinking of trying out Planoly.
    It looks so simple & easy to use!

    Also, thanks for the mention! I’m STOKED you love your Instagram Captions Collections! <3

    Much love,
    Elley xo

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