An Introduction to Amanda Creek Creative

The lovely Alex Beadon suggested doing a 7 day blogging challenge, and of course I decided to take her up on that challenge. :) So, here’s a little step back into the history of Amanda Creek Creative and how & why it all started:

SONY DSCI started Amanda Creek Creative in 2012, about half way through my first year of design school. Having already finished my first Bachelor’s degree (in Fine Art back in 2005) and having started my photography business in mid 2011, it was natural for me to start my design business right away when I was still in school. Starting out early in my business allowed me to learn more than had I waited until I was finished. I made many mistakes, and still continue to make them to this day. But I’m learning and striving to be a better business lady every day, and I think that’s what matters most.

Why Did You Start Blogging?

From the beginning, I knew that in order to reach my potential clients I needed to blog. The thing is that I started blogging from a place of necessity, instead of desire. I didn’t know how to blog from a business perspective and was a little afraid to inject any personality into my blogging efforts (I didn’t want to land my readers back to the days of diaryland circa 2001). So, I started blogging, and shortly after quit. I did try to start up again a few times, and came up with features to share but it never amounted to much because I felt so deflated. I wanted blogging to be more organic, so it’s only been the past few months that I’ve been blogging with any consistency. Art journaling has helped, actually helped a lot in my efforts. Now that I’m finally finished with school, I’m concentrating more on how to be helpful to lovely creatives and enjoying myself along the way. Blogging has definitely become easier in doing so.

Who is Your Blog For?

My business is centered around helping creative entrepreneurs with their brand and online presence, so my blog is for creatives. I especially love to work with photographers, since my passion for design came when I was just starting out in my own photography business. I’ve designed for businesses from other fields, but I’m drawn to creative types and love working with those who love to craft and create. My blog is a place for those individuals to learn and draw from, and to potentially create the business and brand of their dreams.

What is Something You’ve Been Working On Lately That You’re Proud Of?

I’ve been working on a lot lately, in trying to get my website where I want it to be (I’m still not finished with my rebrand). But it’s really getting to a place where I feel confident that people will know what I’m about and how I can help them. There’s still a little dust around the site and a little construction to do, but I’m hopeful it will be completed by the end of this month and ready for some big news in November!

I’m also working on some new courses and offerings for my peeps and am so excited to share! Keep an eye out.

What’s One Message That You Hope People Will Take Away From Your Blog
My emphasis is always about having the courage to make your dreams come true. It’s hard sometimes, and sometimes it can take a while to get where you want to go, but your dreams can come true! Believe in yourself and trust that if one door closes another will open.

Feel free to join me over on Facebook and Instagram, my two favorite places to connect!

*AFFILIATE LINKS DISCLAIMER - If you click on a link that I’ve provided on, it may be an affiliate link. That means that I will be paid a percentage of money for the program, product, software, or service of the link you click on (if you click my link). Affiliate links will always be indicated by either a * or with the word affiliate next to the link). I want to be upfront about these links and to let you know that I only promote things that I truly believe in.

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  1. Lauryn says

    Amanda, I LOVE the name of your business, first of all. I’m excited to learn more about the courses you will be offering! Keep up the good work.

  2. Tanya says

    Amanda! Can I just say, you’re on the verge of great things!! I love you eye and voice. So happy to have found you and can’t wait to see what you have in store!

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