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Flatlay Photography

Sharing your artwork is a very important part of having an online business as an artist. You not only have to share your artwork in your shop so people buy, but you also need to share your artwork on social media to gain new followers. And unless you have a ton of money in your budget for professional photos of everything, you’ll likely need to take the photos yourself at first.

Taking photos can be difficult if you’re not sure how. It can be a frustrating process but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve posted several blog posts on the topic, and even have several Skillshare classes to teach you how.

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One of my favorite ways to take photos of my sketchbook and my finished pieces is to use a technique called Flatlay Photography. You’ve probably seen a flatlay (sometimes spelled flatlay or flat lay) on Instagram a time or two. It’s a fun way to not only share your artwork, but also to share your creative journey.

I recently published a class on Skillshare where you can learn how to take photos with this particular technique. Below is the intro video explaining a bit more about the class:

 You can take the class in its entirety here.

If you join the class, let me know in the comments below!

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