Photo Highlights of My Recent Trip to San Franscisco

My recent trip to San Francisco went a little too quickly for my liking, but it was full of wonderful moments. Moments like catching up with old friends, exploring a new city, and learning from one of my business heroines.

I wanted to take you along the journey, since it was such a great one:

A dear friend of mine drove down to pick me up at the airport and we checked into our airb&b first thing, then we drove to the Golden Gate Park and had a picnic lunch with some of our other friends and their kids (people that I hadn’t seen in nearly 3 years!). Later we went to the Pier and had some yummy pizza. I was able to see Alcatraz from afar (which my hubby informed me that I “just had to see”), then the day was over just like that.

Since we didn’t quite get the whole experience of the pier the first day, my friend and I returned to the pier on Sunday after a great service at a local church. We walked and talked, and took lots of photos. It was a beautiful day. There were a lot of interesting people enjoying their time with family and friends, and a lot of cool little shops and things to see. I’m convinced that two days just aren’t enough to really see and experience this part of San Francisco, but I was satisfied especially after seeing the sea lions.


We also tried to see the Golden Gate Bridge, but it was so foggy out that we couldn’t really see the bridge itself, but we still decided to take a walk across.


Then we drove by the Full House house, and we sang the Full House song (out of tune and with various skipped, forgotten words). But it was awesome and I’m thankful that my friend humored me enough to drive by (technically we drove around in circles trying to find it, and only figured that we found it when we saw various people taking photos in front of it…so I hopped out of the car and fulfilled a lifelong dream of taking a photo (selfie*) out front).


That evening before the meet-and-greet for the Creative Live workshop I was to attend, my friend and I went to Chinatown (after we first got lost in Little Italy and almost died on some of the steep hills of San Francisco). Seeing this part of San Francisco was really fun and brought back memories of my time in China. I had some bubble tea and we listened to a man on the street playing a Christmas tune (already?!) on his traditional Chinese instrument.


The next three days were full of lots of lovely tidbits of knowledge, and not so many photos. I will share more about what I learned in my next post, so forgive my skipping through it here.

Thursday was my final day in San Francisco. We decided to go by the park again, and found our way to the Botanical Gardens. I love places like this, as it’s a photographer’s paradise with lots of pretty things to photograph.


I spent some time teaching my friend what aperture is all about, and also did a little bit of creative play with free-lensing. The 400 photos I took that day were hard to narrow down, and I’ve left out so many here… but I’m sure they’ll make an appearance in future posts.

So, there you have it. My journey to San Francisco.

Stay tuned for my upcoming post on what I learned from the CreativeLive courses I was privileged to be a part of: Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep & Make Your Creative Business Uniquely Irresistible

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  1. Francine says

    What beautiful photos! San Francisco is on my list of cities to visit, and your post makes me want to go really soon! Looks like you had a great trip.

    Can\t wait to read your recap of the courses.

    • Amanda says

      Thank you, Francine! San Francisco was really beautiful! I loved the pier because it was so interesting and so many neat places to shop and visit. I hope you can go one day, maybe for a CreativeLive course?

      Thanks for stopping by.

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