How To Plan A Party For Your Brand

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My mantra: business should be fun!

We left our 9-to-5 for something different. Not for another boring desk job that sucks every ounce of life out of our souls.

So, I wanted to try a creative experiment and plan a party for our Brands. (Because anything with cake and confetti…I’m there!)

Party planning can be really fun, especially if you’re like me and you like making lists or mind mapping.

Planning a party can be really telling about you as a person. But more importantly, if you’re an awesome host, it can tell you a lot about your guests.

The results will give you clarity about your Brand Personality, but it won’t really feel like work. It will be fun. You’ll see.

How To Plan A Party For Your Brand:

Step 1- Create your guest list:

Typically, you invite friends and loved ones to your party or event, those who you like and have a lot in common with. And this can be very similar to inviting your target audience to be a part of your brand. After all, like attracts like.

With clarity of your audience, you can craft a Brand Personality that attracts the people who like your Brand + those who need the thing that you are selling.

Think about your target market and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What will your guests wear to the party?
  • What type of music will they want to listen to?
  • What type of food will you serve at the party?

By answering these questions, you’ll come to know your party guests a little more. You can even ask these questions of your current fans through a survey. Creating your guest list will make it easier plan the next steps of your party.

Step 2- Choose the location:

When planning actual parties, you can have the party inside or out. You can have it at your favorite restaurant or at your favorite local coffee shop. Really the sky is the limit.

Deciding where to have your Brand Party should have a LOT to do with what your “guests” would like. But you should also include a little bit of what you’d like too.

Personally, my Brand Party would take place in a nice wooded area with lots of twinkly lights, to give a little touch of magic. This fits my Brand Personality perfectly because one of my Brand words is magic!

So, ask yourself, where would your party take place?

Step 3- Choose the party theme:

I remember when I was 16 hosting a Hawaiian luau at my house. Summertime in central Florida! The luau made a lot of sense.

There are a variety of options for your Brand Party theme, but you really should think of what would work best for your Brand Personality. If your business is for creative women entrepreneurs, a pirate themed party may not make a lot of sense. A paint themed party would.

Take 10 minutes and think if there are any themes that could work really well for your Brand Party and your audience. If something seems a great fit, start to think about the details that will go along with the theme and move onto Step 4!

Step 4- Find the decorations:

I’ll admit that this was absolutely my favorite part of planning my Brand Party.

To figure out what decorations I would use, I decided to give good ole Pinterest a try. Making a private board there allowed me to search for the various items that I’d love to show up at the party, and the party theme helped me to make some of the decisions of what to add.

After doing this activity, I was able to search for specific props to use in my photographs for my blog and for my Instagram feed!

If you have limited time, I recommend doing this activity at the very least.

Step 5- Create the invites:

Another fun activity is to sit down and plan out what you’d like the party invites to look like for your Brand Party.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Material of the paper for the invites to be printed on.
  • The type of fonts used.
  • The colors used.
  • Any symbols or imagery used on the invitations.

By thinking through these things, you may discover some of the things that you need for your visual Branding, which could be a great help if you’re creating your website or creating a digital product.

This is another great one for Pinterest exploration!

Step 6- Make the Goodie Bags:

I have always loved giving gifts to my guests, even when it was at my own birthday party. Having a birthday super close to Christmas may have something to do with that.

Taking time to think of what type of gift you’d like to give your guests who come to your Brand Party can help you in a few useful ways:

  • It’ll help you to come up with some awesome prizes for a contest that you’d like to run to get new subscribers.
  • It could help you to come up with some unique gift ideas for those super awesome clients of yours.
  • And it could help you to get to know your target audience better, which in turn will help you to market better. Win win.

Step 7- PARTY!:

How to plan a party for your Brand

The final step is to bring it all together and to celebrate.

This is the part where you can take a step back and look at what you’ve created, and where you can feel proud for creating something nice for yourself and your friends.

You can add all of your Brand elements to a Brand Vision board. This board is something that you can hang in your creative space as a reminder of your Brand vision whenever you need inspiration.

Need more help with your branding? Check out my Brand Personality Workbook over in the shop!

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