Don’t Let Your Doubts Control Your Credit Card – Why We Should Value Creating Impact With Our Business

You’ve spent years working on your business, with the late nights and the looooong weekends. And you’ve taken the time to learn all the latest marketing trends so you can bring in lots of money, PLUS you’ve even set up a separate checking account (because somehow having a business checking account makes everything feel legit).

You feel like you’re trying so hard and doing everything right. (And I honestly believe you deserve a certificate or a bunch of gold stars or a pat on the back, my friend. Because you’ve done so well!).

Business is HARD.

And yet with all the trying, it still feels so hard. You keep seeing the emails, the blog posts, the challenges, and ads all claiming that you can make six figures this week. It’s overwhelming and crazy, and it makes you feel all sorts of icky.

Why can’t you have the same success? Are you good enough? Can you make this business thing work? Why can’t you see the same results as so-and-so?

I’m here to tell you that you can make it work! But there needs to be a different approach to how we do business.

My question to you is this: When you jump out from under your covers each morning and before your fuzzy socks hit the ground, are you eager to get to work and change the lives of the people you serve?

Do you think about the bigger picture?

Or are you getting caught up in the big promises (or snake oil as my friend Kris likes to call it)?

Listen, I’ve been there. I’ve made investments in courses that promised that I could be filthy stinkin’ rich just like the instructor, all the while the course payments drained my bank account month after month, and my self-confidence took a nose dive because, of course, *I* was the reason it wasn’t working.

I know from personal experience that it’s hard not to buy into these things when you’re struggling, and you want to make it work.

But big promises that you can make six figures when you follow someone else’s formula won’t necessarily make you six figures.

Hard, dedicated work that changes the lives of the people you serve will earn you money.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Hard, dedicated work that changes the lives of the people you serve will earn you money.” quote=”Hard, dedicated work that changes the lives of the people you serve will earn you money.”]

And while I do believe that it takes money to make money (and that taking a course isn’t necessarily a bad thing), we need to stop letting our doubts control when we whip out the credit cards.

The thing about small business is that we can do tremendous things to impact the lives of our customers, and we can do it without buying into gimmicks. We can change lives even we feel like we’re *just* a photographer or *just* a candlestick maker.

No matter what it is that we create or do, we can impact the world around us for the greater good. And that’s not just a cliche; it’s the truth.

As Donald Miller says, “we all want to be involved in stories that are bigger than ourselves.” We all want to make an impact and we can.

Most of us want to help others. We want to believe in the work we’re doing.

And when you focus more on helping others than padding your wallet, you will see a natural uptick in the monies entering into your bank account.

It’s just how the world works. Lean into the work that you’re supposed to do and do it with all your heart. And then the rest will come.

Leave a comment below letting us know what kind of impact you’d like to have with your online business!

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