Pushing Past Our Comfort Zones

IMG_3307If you had told me a year ago that I was going to be at CreativeLive in San Francisco on the front row, I probably would have laughed.

It’s not that I haven’t done things in the past that have made me uncomfortable, it’s just that this was way beyond my comfort zone…like we’re talking so far out that I was practically in a different country.

First of all, I am introverted to the core (one of the many reasons that I love working for myself), so even small crowds of people make me uneasy.

And on top of that, I’m shy…

Needless to say, going to San Francisco to meet 16 new ladies was a challenge in and of itself.

Add to that the video cameras, microphones, and speaking for the whole world to hear; I felt like my heart was going to explode the first time I spoke up.

Yet, I went…

And I wanted to share what I learned about pushing past our comfort zones.

#1….Beautiful friendships can only be developed outside of our comfy little comfort zone bubbles. Friendships that I hope will last a lifetime.

Yes, I’m an introvert, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want friends. And the ladies I met at #BelleLive were so inspiring and encouraging. Richelle of The Red Scorpio held my hand the first day as we went live to reassure me that I’d be okay.  Sarah of  A Love Letter To Adventure gave me courage by overcoming her own fears and by telling me that I could do it, as well. And Kris from Writing With A K and Jennifer from Teach Good Stuff both went above and beyond to make me feel at home. The other ladies who traveled there were also fantastic and lovely in their own ways and they all made me feel loved.

#2….You learn best when you invest emotionally, mentally, and monetarily. I can definitely say that I will be putting in the work that Blacksburg Belle gave us! It’s so different than learning at home. Taking those extra steps (you know paying for plane tickets, getting on an airplane, and facing my public speaking fears) will reinforce the fact that I need to do the work! I didn’t invest everything just to let my workbooks collect dust!

#3….You’re never alone in the things you fear. April, the teacher of the course that I flew to California to attend, walked me out of the building my last day at CreativeLive (can you say excellent customer service?! I know that she walked me out as a friend and mentor, but taking those extra steps and moments with me will forever change the way I think of her brand…which I already knew was awesome.). On the way, she told me that she struggles with being in a crowd, as well…(say what?!). She empathized with my struggle. Then she thanked me, gave me a hug, and sent me along my way to conquer the world and my fears. And that was the best teaching moment of the whole trip, that she, who in my mind can’t possibly have any fears like my fears, actually had the same fears. Thanks, April for that!


So, if you want to know what caused me to fly all that way and put my fears aside, check out the two courses that I attended: Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep & Make Your Creative Business Uniquely Irresistible

Have you ever done anything way outside of your comfort zone? What things did you learn as a result? Please share with me in the comment section below!


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  1. KrisWithaK says

    Aww Amanda! I really loved meeting you too, and I was feeling so proud of you when you spoke up on stage, because I knew how hard it was for you.

    Woohooo for bravery and jumping out of your comfort zone with both feet!!!


  2. richelle says

    YAY! It feels good, right? That first course with April I literally felt like I was going to faint. I am so glad I pushed though. I love a challenge!
    You did very well, and looked as if speaking in public came quite naturally to you.

    • Amanda says

      Thanks, Richelle. It does feel good.

      I actually have never liked public speaking but have come up against a lot of things that have pushed me to speak in front of crowds. Somehow I always make it through. I don’t know the secret of disguising what I’m feeling, but I’ve heard that I do not look nervous over and over. It’s weird, because my insides go crazy and I feel like my heart is going to explode.

      Anyway, thanks again for helping me through!

  3. Sarah Shotts says

    WE DID IT! There’s a magic in doing something that’s really hard and getting to the other side of it. I’m so glad we both stepped up and volunteered to be mic’d on the last day.

    And, selfishly, I’m delighted you came so that we could meet in real life. I love connecting with people online, but there is something special about meeting that makes it more “real”.

    I can’t wait to see where your new adventure takes you! :)

  4. Jennifer Kennedy says

    Love this, Amanda! I’m so glad that the CreativeLive workshop was a growing experience for you. You couldn’t even tell you were nervous!!!

    Speaking up for myself always takes me way out of my comfort zone. Recently, I spoke with my boss about transitioning out of full-time. Talk about a nervous break down!! But, it’s those uncomfortable moments that make us flourish.

    I really enjoyed our conversations, too! Such a pleasure to met in person!

    • Amanda says

      Oh boy, Jennifer! I hope the conversation with your boss goes well.

      I’m so glad we were able to meet and speak together about our mutual love for travel and teaching. I’m looking forward to your worksheets and courses in the future, because I’m a teacher at heart and I know you offer some great advice!

      Keep in touch. :)

  5. Jen Scerri says

    Amanda, Can I just say it was soooo fun sitting next to you at Creative Live?! You are so sweet and sincere and smart. You had such wonderful ideas and I am so glad you stepped out of your comfort zone to share them!


    • Amanda says

      Aww thank you so much, Jen! You were incredibly sweet and warm towards me and I appreciate that so much. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for your business and to watch it grow. Keep me on the up and up, so I can cheer you along.

  6. Lisa says

    Does it creep you out that probably thousands of people saw you and will continue to see you on the video? I think I would have mini heart attacks for a couple weeks. I’m incredibly shy, but I have been coming out of comfort zone by playing flute in front of church members. I wanted to get better at flute playing and so I enrolled myself in a mini band. Yikes! My first service I panicked and got lost in the music. I felt so horrible. Almost a year later and I am almost comfortable with people watching me.
    So I learned that I have to force myself to make tough choices, and just roll with it.

    • Amanda says

      Yes, Lisa! That was absolutely the reason why I was overwhelmed with it all. I tried to watch myself after the filming was over and it was difficult to do. Haha. I think at times I’m just hyper-critical of myself and there really isn’t a need to be. I’m sure if I get in front of the camera more and more the easier it will be, just as you learned with playing your flute for the church. :)

      Thanks for stopping by! Here’s to continuing to push past our comfort zones and allowing ourselves to stretch and grow.

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