Quiz- What Kind of Photographer Are You?

We all love a good old fashioned quiz, right?

It’s sort of a hard thing to resist!

I remember when I was in college and online quizzes first became a thing. I found every quiz site I could, then proceeded to then take all the quizzes on each of the sites all at once (and it was probably the least productive day of my life). But it was entertaining and fun! Let’s just say it was a day of introspection and homework avoidance. ;)


Knowing how fun quizzes can be, I created a quiz for you here. This quiz is a quick way to discover what type of photographer you are and where that helps you fit in within this Creative community. Have fun and I promise it’s a short one, so it won’t take the whole day.


Choose the best answer to each of the scenarios:

1. You have an awesome camera and mad camera skills.

a- I do! Photography excites me. I bring my camera with me everywhere I go, and my friends are always asking me to take their photos.
b- I have a great camera that cost a lot of money but I’m not quite there yet with my photo skills. It’s usually hit or miss.
c- All I have is my iPhone and I point and hit the button. Not a lot of skills here.


2. You enjoy taking photos of your products that you’ve put all your time and effort into making.

a- Yes. It comes easy to me, so it goes by pretty quickly.
b- It depends. I get the occasional great shot, which makes me happy. It’s just the rest of the time that I dread it.
c- Not at all. I don’t have the right equipment for it and my photos come out dark or blurry.


3. You like to schedule photography days on your calendar where you block off several hours to take photos for your blog or Instagram account.

a- Yes! This is my favorite day of the week. I have a stash of props and I can’t wait to grab my DSLR and snap away!
b- Sorta. I’m starting to build my prop stash, but I still feel like I’m not quite getting the photos I want.
c- Not at all. I dread taking photos for my blog or Instagram because all I have is my iPhone.


4. You like learning new tips and techniques to improve your photography skills.

a- Sure! Even though I already know a ton, I know that new tips will make my photography that much better.
b- Yes, please. I want to learn more, so my only good shots aren’t the ones I took by mistake.
c- I know I need to learn more, but I feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.


5. You like to purchase rad camera gear.

a- Absolutely. I already have an assortment of lenses for my DSLR.
b- Will it make my photography better? If it makes my photography better, I’ll get it!
c- First I need a camera.


The results are in!


If you answered mostly -a- you:


Might As Well Be PRO. You’ve got the equipment AND the skills. You enjoy photography as a hobby and maybe want to make it a more central part of your business, or you’re already using photography in your business but you just want a little extra inspiration.


If you fall into the “Might As Well Be Pro” category, tell me in the comments what sort of inspiration you’re looking for and I’ll use it to create future blog posts.


If you answered mostly -b- you:


Do What You Can. You have a great camera, but your skills aren’t quite there yet. You sometimes avoid taking photos because you know that only 1 out of every 20 photos might be a good shot, and sometimes you wonder if you should just hire out. You’re not sure of what to do for your Instagram or Blog photos, but you’d also like to step up your game so you look more pro.


If you fall into the “Do What You Can” category, you may want to check out my one-on-one consulting where I can help you with branding your photography for a better Instagram feed, or your photography skills and what may be holding you back.


If you answered mostly -c- you:


Hope For The Best. You have an iPhone that you just point and shoot, crossing your fingers, while hoping for a good shot. You’re frustrated because you like photography, but you feel very limited because you don’t have a camera of your own.


If you fall into the “Hope For the Best” category, be sure to check out my Skillshare classes on how to Glam Your Instagram and how to Create A Branded Photo Prop Box.


So, which photographer are you? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Nalana says

    I’m mostly a C person. I have an iPhone, but I mostly feel overwhelmed with taking photos…setting them up, having a stock pile for branded social media and lighting. I’d love any help you have! A book would be great. :-)

    • Amanda says

      Unfortunately I do not have an Android! My iPhone Photography Made easy book will have basic principles of photography that can be used with any phone camera, or even a point and shoot. However, I can’t speak from the experience as an Android user. :(

  2. Amanda says

    I’m an a/b combo, and that makes me nervous lol. There are pics in the last few weeks that I’ve really felt like I nailed it pretty quickly on, but I took extra shots just to be on the safe side, and to get better about playing with angles. But I’m terrified that they’re not really “that” good and I’ve deluded myself. roflo

    • Amanda Creek says

      Photography and other artistic practices are really subjective. There are certain elements that make one photo better than another, of course, but sometimes we have to trust ourselves and know that we’ve produced something beautiful. I know you take beautiful photos. :) Just trust yourself.


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