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Building your creative business shouldn't increase your heart rate.

But it should make your heart swell and the passion for the thing you create to grow.

Regular heart palpitations due to tech anxiety, lack of clarity on what you offer, and business overwhelm can be easily fixed when you have someone to guide you.


Brand Personality Workbook - $16
Brand Personality Workbook - $16

Brand Personality Workbook

The Brand Personality Workbook walks you through how to navigate the personality of your Brand in order to find focus, clarity and the emotional framework of your visual identity. You'll learn why personality is so important to your Branding and how it will set you apart from others in your niche. Inside the book, you'll be able to answer questions, fill out worksheets, and do other fun activities to help you discover the unique personality behind your Brand.

Skillshare Classes

Putting together a Branded Photo Prop Box for your small business will help you to create photos - for your website, for Instagram, and other social media platforms - that will continually fit your Brand Personality. I'll walk you through why you need a Branded Photo Prop Box and how to put your own prop box together. This will not only save you time when you create photos for your business, it will also help you to show your creative genius in a way that looks like you and supports the overall message of your Brand. If you like scavenger hunts, then this class is for you!


By taking the time to brand your Instagram through this course, you'll cut down on your posting time because you'll have a library of photos to choose from and a theme or pattern to help you to know what to post next. I will teach you the steps that I take to create a feed that looks thoughtful and well-branded which will help you get new eyes on the things you create.


Sharing your artwork is an important part of being an artist. It helps you to become visible to those who will buy your work, as well as those who might share your work. By learning how to take photos of your artwork through Flatlay Photography, you'll be able to show your artwork in a fun, creative way no matter where you're at in the creation process. In this class, I will teach you different flatlay scenes that you can use to showcase your artwork, how to focus your camera so that you get fun and interesting photos, how to setup your flatlays so that it's easy to take the photographs, how to place items within the picture to create an interesting scene, and some simple editing tips to make your photos stand out and look super professional.