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To-do list for the creative business owner:

Figure out who you are serving and the deeper mission of why you want to start your creative business.

Plan out your very first or next offering keeping your ideal customer in mind.

Once you know what you want to sell, why you want to sell it, and who you're selling it to, it's time to go through the Branding process. I usually recommend people to know these 3 things before moving onto this next step because if you don't have a plan you can get lost in the process.

After you go through the branding process, you can then start creating your first product or service. I have a lot of resources below for how to create digital products and passive income.

Ready to create digital products and passive income?

Should You Host Your Online Course On A Marketplace Like Skillshare

Episode #005. Should you Teach Your Courses On An Online Marketplace Like Skillshare or Udemy

This episode is all about whether or not you should use a marketplace to sell your courses. So that would be like Skillshare*, Udemy, or something similar. I wanted to talk about whether or not you should teach classes on a marketplace or not. This question came up recently, because I am a teacher on […]

5 Mindset Shifts When Creating Digital Products

Episode #004. 5 Mindset Shifts When Creating Digital Products

Today, we are going to chat about mindset. About your mindset when you go down this digital product path. So, when you’re creating ebooks, workbooks, courses, anything that is a digital product, even if you’re just in business and you like listening to my voice for some reason, this will help you because your mindset […]

Is Passive Income Just a Pipe Dream

Episode #003. Is Passive Income Just a Pipe Dream?

I’m so excited to bring to you yet another episode about Passive Income. Today, we’re going to talk about whether or not Passive Income is just a pipe dream. You might be wondering if it’s really possible to make income passively, or if it’s still going to take you just as much time or more […]

Passive Income vs Active Income For Creatives

Episode #002: Passive Income Versus Active Income For Creatives

Today we’re talking all about passive income versus active income, and what that can do for your creative business. Once you see how much time you can get back by creating a little passive income for yourself, you’ll definitely want to start down the road to making passive income from digital products, courses, or by […]

Welcome to the Creative Passivepreneur Show

Episode #001: Welcome to the Creative Passivepreneur Show

Welcome to the Creative Passivepreneur Show! This short episode will share with you a little bit about me, your host, as well as what to expect with the show. I hope that you enjoy listening! EPISODE TRANSCRIPT Hello, and welcome to The Creative Passivepreneur Show. I’m Amanda and I’ve been a creative business owner for […]

Four Beliefs That Are Killing Your Passive Income Sales

Four Beliefs That Are Killing Your Passive Income Sales

There are four main mindset limitations that people tend to have when creating new digital products. And these limiting beliefs can absolutely prevent you from moving forward. ( describes what happens when we succumb to our limiting beliefs in that we “are dragged down by mindsets defined primarily by limits — how smart [we] […]

10 Fun Ways to Brainstorm Your Next Digital Product

Up to this point in your creative business, you may have served customers through physical products or services only. But you’re probably at the point where you need some time back in your life. Creating digital products—that help your audience to solve some sort of problem and that’s also related to your niche—is a great way […]

5 Reasons to Teach Your Skills Online

5 Reasons to Teach Your Skills Online

As a creative, you’ve likely gained skills throughout your life that other people would also love to learn. These skills can help others to start their own business or pursue artistic endeavors within a shorter time frame than ever. It’s incredibly easy to become an online instructor, nowadays, and teach what you know online. You […]

Become a Teacher On Skillshare

When I initially received an email from Skillshare back in 2017 saying that I would make a good teacher, I was excited and eager to start teaching. But I was also nervous and figured that I wouldn’t be able to bring in much money. So I put off becoming a teacher for an entire year. […]

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Diary of My Branded Photoshoot

  If you’re planning a branded photography shoot to capture headshots or photos of you to add to your website, you might be wondering what happens during a photo session like this. Pictures are absolutely necessary for your website, and also a great addition to your social media feeds. They help people to see your […]


Plan the perfect photoshoot to get magical, branded photos of YOU!

It might take a while to save all your hard-earned and shiny pennies to hire a professional photographer for your brand shoot. But it’s possible that right now you’re asking if it’s worth the money. The answer is, “Yes!” It most certainly is worth it. The impression that you make with pro photos on your […]

How To Create a Theme For Instagram

When it comes to Instagram, it can feel like everyone else’s photos and feed are better than your own. You might be looking for that special sauce that it seems that so many others have. But it might feel like it’s always just outside your reach. Today, I’m going to share with you how I […]

Make Your Photos Stand Out: Follow These Tips To Take Better Instagram Photos

Instagram is where a lot of us spend our time when it comes to social media. We love to scroll through the feed, watch the stories, and even post there to promote our businesses. But if you’re not a photographer it might feel intimidating to post photos that you don’t really love. You might scroll […]

Do your Instagram and Brand Photos look like everyone else’s?

My clients and blog readers often ask me about what props they should use in photos for their blog and social media posts. I totally get it! It can be a lot of pressure to come up with creative content all the time. Adding photos to just your Instagram is pretty daunting. You have to […]

5 Photo Editing Apps for Your Mobile Phone

  Many of you have asked which apps I use to edit photos I’ve taken with my mobile phone. I personally have an iPhone 6 but these apps may also be available for Android. In the video below, I share which apps I use and go in depth about my two favorites. More about the […]

Ten Holiday Photos To Take For Your Business

Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is over, the Christmas excitement and chaos has begun. Personally, this is my favorite time of year. Even with the chaos. It means decorating my cozy little home and making the most delicious holiday cookies. I’m sure you’re trying to get last minute sales in your Etsy shop to support […]

Get Beautiful Color in Your Photos

Having beautiful color in your photographs not only helps your products sell, but it also helps make you look like the pro we know you are. Recently, one of my clients/friends sent me some of her product photographs asking why the color was off and how she could fix the problem. It’s a question that I […]

Quiz- What Kind of Photographer Are You?

We all love a good old fashioned quiz, right? It’s sort of a hard thing to resist! I remember when I was in college and online quizzes first became a thing. I found every quiz site I could, then proceeded to then take all the quizzes on each of the sites all at once (and […]

20 Must Have Photos For Your Creative Business

Looking at photos on Instagram can fill us all with photo envy. But with a little bit of planning, we can photograph our own lovely things for Instagram, other social networks, as well as for our website. Taking your time and photographing all of these things in one afternoon will help you focus and get more […]

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How To Create An About Video In Animoto

How To Create An About Video In Animoto

Video. Blech. I can hear you groaning now. Creating video is scary and time consuming, right? You’ve got to write out the script, you’ve got to prepare slides or get your makeup on and at least be presentable from the waist up (because #yogapants), and then let’s not even get started with the editing. Video was […]

What I Learned About Fear From Climbing Mountains In China

Okay, so I didn’t literally “mountain climb” when I lived in China. But, my husband and I did take some pretty ominous paths up to the tops of mountains, which wasn’t something I would typically do… being that I’m afraid of heights and all. But, living in a foreign country caused me to do a lot […]

Glam It Up: How To Make Your ‘About Me’ Page More Interesting

Is your ‘About Page’ lame or lackluster? Does it need a little sprucing up? Friend, I’ve been there. For the longest time, my ‘About Page’ was written in a yucky third-person voice that lacked any sort of creativity. I couldn’t figure out what in the world to do with the page, because I didn’t want it […]

Free Daily Productivity Worksheet

One of the things that has held me back in the past from moving forward in my business has been a lack of focus in my day to day. From too many ideas with not enough time, to feeling like I need to check my e-mail every twenty seconds; I have definitely become stuck on […]

Finding Blog Ideas for Posts

If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word.” — Margaret Atwood If you’ve never blogged before, blogging can be quite a difficult task. At times you may ask yourself what in the world are you going to write about, and you may be tempted to be inconsistent when ideas run out. Here […]