Ten Holiday Photos To Take For Your Business

Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is over, the Christmas excitement and chaos has begun.

Personally, this is my favorite time of year. Even with the chaos.

It means decorating my cozy little home and making the most delicious holiday cookies.

I’m sure you’re trying to get last minute sales in your Etsy shop to support those holiday shopping sprees (aren’t we all). And I’m positive we are all reflecting on the past year and how our businesses have grown.

[Tweet “While you are decking the halls, here’s a fun list of photos to take and share with your followers.”]

These photos will help get your customers into the holiday spirit. And Note: Lots of holiday treats involved.

Ten Holiday Photos To Take For Your Business:

1. Holiday Packaging:

Do you have special holiday packaging included with your products this time of year? This is a great opportunity to showcase your holiday packaging or share how you wrap your products to put under the Christmas tree.

P.S. Need some wrapping inspiration? Follow my friend Jenna over at SipBiteGo.

2. A Festive Scene:

If you have physical or even digital products you can put them in a fun, festive scene. You can place your products on a shelf with Christmas decorations all around, or maybe on a table top with some of your favorite holiday cookies and candy. (I meant it about the holiday treats!) Think about what photos your followers will anticipate checking in on when scrolling through Instagram.


3. Holiday Office Decor:

Take a creative break from the huge pile of work you need to do and decorate your desk space with your favorite winter decorations. People love behind the scenes photos, so you can even photograph your studio space while you are in the process of decorating.

4. Holiday/Winter Crafts You’re Working On:

Everyone I know has a knitting project they are working on, or is creating some other crafty gift to put under the tree. If you are running a creative business, why not share the side projects you’re working on. This is a great way to share with your audience the creative pursuits you have outside of what you typically create. If you’re into Adult Coloring books, you could share the holiday pages you’ve colored. The idea is to inspire others to get creative themselves.


I’m currently working on my brush lettering for the December lettering challenge by Random Olive. If you want to download the practice guide (shown in the photographs), you can purchase it here:

Brush Letter Practice Guide *affiliate link.

5. Your Favorite Holiday Treats:

 Hot cocoa, peppermint mocha, candy canes, Christmas cookies, whatever your holiday favorite is share it with your followers. Take a photo with your product surrounded by your favorite treats. Share what you’re eating or drinking this holiday while you’re working. Trust me, this is a perfect excuse to go out and buy your favorite holiday cuppa.

6. Your 2016 Vision Board:

It’s the last month of the year and let’s face it, many of us are thinking about the upcoming year. You can use this time to think about your big goals and make a vision board. Vision boards are easy to make, you just clip photos or words from your favorite magazines and glue them to a big poster board. Remember to keep your goals in mind when choosing which images to use, then snap a photo of your board.

7. Your Shiny New 2016 Planner:

There’s a planner craze going on right now. I mean, it’s the end of the year, so it makes sense. Everyone is on the hunt for the best planner and by sharing yours with your followers you are creating an engaging post that will encourage more sharing.


8. What The Season Looks Like At Your House:

We all spend the end of the year celebrating with family traditions or by figuring out what the new year will look like. Maybe you’re knee deep in snow. Let this be another opportunity to share more about you; where you are from, what you love to do during the holiday season, how you decorate your home, or anything that is unique to you.

9. Business Planning:

Do you have a unique system you use for planning? Share your sticky notes, doodle pages, mind maps, or stacks of notebooks filled with your future plans and dreams.

10. End of the Year Review:

Share a photo collage with the photos from your favorite blog posts over the past year. Or perhaps share a photo collage highlighting your best selling products. You could also share how far you’ve come in a particular area, like with brush lettering.

Have any other fun photos to add to this list? Add them to the comments below!

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  1. Sue says

    Thanks Amanda! Great ideas and I am ready to change it up this year! You really put me in the holiday mood and I hope I can do the same for my readers!

  2. Francine says

    Thanks for sharing this great list of ideas. I don;t have much decor up yet, as my husband’s birthday is the 7th and I’m not “allowed” until after then. lol But I have a few bits and pieces in my office, plus my son;t Advent Calendar and Christmas books that I have shared already.

    • Amanda says

      Oh, another December birthday?! My birthday is on the 20th, but I can’t wait that long to put up decorations. That would drive me crazy. Can’t wait to check out your post on a meaningful Christmas. :) Sounds like my cup of tea.

  3. Flavia says

    Love those tips! Especially because I was running low on ideas… And I’m super behind when it comes to decoration. I don’t even have a tree yet.

  4. Tracy says

    I may or may not have purchased more Christmas decorations yesterday specifically to take photos. I love that I have a legitimate excuse to buy more things! Plus now you’ve given me some awesome ideas to put it all together… squeeee! I <3 Christmas

    • Amanda says

      Yes!!! I love fun reasons to get into the holiday spirit. New photos for Instagram, that sounds like a good reason to go buy holiday candy! Right?! Have fun decorating!

  5. Sage Grayson says

    These are super cute ideas! I have a whole day blocked out at the end of December for filling in my goal planners and making my new vision board. Must remember to take pictures. :)

  6. Kelsey says

    I loovvveee this post!
    I am always overwhelmed even thinking about taking photos, which makes me panic and then a cant even.
    This is so actionable and makes me feel like I could actually do it!
    Kelsey x


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